Why International Environmental Modelling and Software Society is hosting?
International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs) is a not-for-profit organization uniting private persons and organizations dealing with environmental modeling, software, and related topics. The International Environmental Modelling and Software Society promotes developing and utilizing environmental modeling and software tools to advance science and improve decision-making regarding environmental issues. In addition, the iEMSs organizes international conferences, meetings, and courses in environmental modeling and software to exchange information in the field among scientific and educational organizations and private enterprises, as well as non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies.

Why Michigan?
Welcome to the Great Lakes State! Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an urban adventurer, or somewhere in between, Michigan has it all, and summer is the perfect time to visit. Michigan is a top travel destination and has something for everyone. From thriving metropolitan areas to small-town charm and everything in between, Michigan truly offers it all. By choosing Michigan, you have a rare ability to lay the framework for a productive and extraordinary event.

Why Michigan State University?
Michigan State University (MSU) is located within the world’s largest surface freshwater systems and is uniquely positioned to address complex environmental issues faced by society. MSU is also home to several water and environmental research centers, including:
• The Center for Intelligent Water Resources Engineering
• The Center for Water Science
• The Institute for Water Research
• The Environmental Science and Policy Program

As a leading research institution, our Spartan excellence is a driving force in making a difference and a better future for all. We’re focused on addressing global challenges, educating the next generation of leaders and working collaboratively to create healthier, more sustainable futures for Michigan and the world. Having the conference at MSU can complement existing efforts in water quality and health areas. These synergies provide a unique opportunity to have meaningful impacts at a national and international scale, which are aligned with the mission of MSU as the pioneer land grant university.

Why support the 12th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software?
Join us and help the 12th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software scheduled for June 23-27, 2024 to be held at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. The 2024 conference will focus on Addressing Global Environmental Challenges Through Intelligent Modelling!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life and resulted in many natural, human, and financial losses. Climate change has been accelerated, and we are experiencing the hottest summer on record almost every year. Stories such as these consume the news every day, and it seems that global and regional challenges have become more frequent and severe. Meanwhile, conventional approaches are falling short in controlling and mitigating these challenges. To address these challenges and shortcomings, we need to take system approaches that consider many factors simultaneously. The proposed conference aims to address some of these grand challenges using the start-of-the-art computational modelling and decision support systems. The International Environmental Modelling and Software Society is well-positioned to address these important problems.

The conference schedule has been designed to offer both structured and more relaxed networking opportunities for attendees that will build and enhance partnerships Your support and engagement will help to solve our global environmental challenges.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsor BenefitDiamond
Five-minute Introductory Address at
One General Session
Host Welcome Reception, Poster
Reception or Banquet
Post-conference List of iEMSs
Attendees (those that give permission)
Exhibit TableXXXX
Conference Registrations6421
Welcome Reception Tickets84222
Banquet Tickets64222
Host Breakout Sessions54321
Poster Presentation During Poster
Display Your Conference Pull-Up
Banner in General Session Room
Promotional Materials Included in
3 Pieces2 Pieces1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece
Logo with Link on the Conference
Logo on Conference SignageXXXXX
Recognition in Conference ProgramFull-pageHalf-page1/4-pageBusiness

Exclusive Opportunities

Conference Lunch Sponsor (multiple available) – $20,000
Host an all-inclusive lunch for conference attendees; includes signs promoting your organization around the lunch area and time to speak at the meal

Premium Plenary Panel Sponsor (1 available) – $15,000
Host and co-organize a plenary panel that will be a featured part of the conference program; opportunities to customize the panel; inquire for details

Signature Host-Sponsored Evening Reception Sponsor (1 available) – $15,000
Host two hours of networking and refreshments during the poster session; includes signs promoting your
organization around the reception area

Tours or Workshop (multiple available) – $10,000
Sponsor one of our engaging field trips to locations applying team science principles; opportunities to customize the field trip

Networking/Refreshment Break Sponsor (3 available) – $5,000
Host an all-inclusive networking break with refreshments and snacks; includes signs promoting your organization around the refreshment area

Conference Tote Bag or Other Promotional Item (multiple available) – $5,000
Promote your organization with your logo printed on an item included in each attendee’s conference tote bag or the tote bag itself

Lanyard Sponsor (1 available) – $3,000
Your organization’s logo or name printed on each attendee’s lanyard

Sponsor Prospectus File

Sponsor Prospectus (PDF)

Visit: https://events.anr.msu.edu/iEMSs/ to commit your sponsorship.

To learn more and discuss your opportunities to support contact:

A. Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Ph.D.
Conference Chair and MSU Foundation Professor
pouyan@msu.edu | 517-432-7653